22 March 2012

Will it be short back and sides again with your Corbières?

Grape:     Carignan 50%, Grenache Noir  30%, Syrah 15%, Cinsault 5%

Where:     Languedoc Roussillon, France

Booze:      13.5%

Foods:      Cassoulet, grilled Sausages or mushrooms

Story:        handcrafted, hand picked and sustainable 

I don't know if I am alone on this, but when your hair stylist (used to be called barbers in my day) offers you a glass of wine you hardly expect a first growth.  You are however a customer, and the proprietor wants to  treat you well and make you feel a little special so you come back.  However.... when is a sub £5 wine ever going to make you feel that way?

In a joint crusade between Willis B Clapham hair stylists and D Vine Wine (me) we are trying raise the bar a little by serving organic or biodynamic wine... and it is working.  People are coming back and they are asking questions.  And at the very least Andrew gets to talk about something else other than holidays, the weather and any usual crap.

Anyway, on last night's trip to the barbers' chair I took the opportunity to road test the 2010 Castelmaure whose predecessor was reviewed here.  The 2010 has less jam but still cries out for some char grill or a cassoulet. The raisin like red fruit  is all there as are some woody herbs.  I think I picked up a bit of juniper but I was in the hairdresser .... so don't nail me on that one. It is a fraction lighter on the booze too. With smooth tannins it drinks well on its own and should keep for a few years yet.  Though why wait ??  Get stuck in.

Fortunately it still measures up to their ethos, "The wine is a child of the soil and the sweat of men".... love the ethos and love their work (i.e. the wine).   

The Castelmaure is available from D Vine Wine for a tenner and damn fine hair cuts from Willis B Clapham

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