12 March 2012

A Tuscan Artist !

Casamatta Bibi Graetz 2010, Tuscany

Grape:     Sangiovese

Where:     Tuscany, Italy

Booze:     12%

Food:      Beef, Beetroot and Black Pepper Shepherds Pie

Story:     Biodynamic

Bibi Graetz shows his artwork on the bottle.  Like the man, his artwork is energetic, colourful, fun and engaging.... and that's just the label.  The wine is also just as charismatic.

Medium bodied, this wine has a special perfume of red cherry, red currant, leather, black pepper and some vine leaf.  This artwork certainly is no fake as are the flavours, which ring true and carry on forever. There is some balanced acidity and fine tannins which exhibit well through dinner.  

This artist is also so confident in his product he declines to seek the security of the Chianti and prefers to go under his own flag......justifiably so.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to much more of it with this meal, charcuterie or even a roasted garlic chicken.

Now sold by D Vine Wine for £11.

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