08 March 2012

The Spanish Inquisition... Wine 5 : Albarino murders S. Blanc !

Zarate Albarino 2010

Grape:     Albarino

Where:     Rias Baixas,  Spain

Booze:     12.5%

Food:      Grilled seafood

Story:     Biodynamic

Recently the Albarino has been flying out at the expense of Sauvignon Blanc, absolutely murdering it. I thought it would be wise to take a punt on a slightly leaner tighter Albarino that is very well put together.  I would not be surprised if this snares the odd Chablis fan either.... and at this price it should grab some attention.

The first thing you notice, is the steely minerality and fresh acidity. This is complemented by the stone fruit flavours that keep coming the longer the wine is in the glass. While you might think I am a ponce (and my wife does!), a decater would coax the fruit out a little further. The wine also radiates a slight spritz to liven things up.

Winemaker Eulogio Pomares does the older vines (average 35 years) justice, by farming them biodynamically and approaches his craft with minimal intervention.

An all round class act, which is why I could not resist adding it to the range. Actually, I could murder a glass or 2 right now.
Available from D Vine Wine for £14.50  

1 comment:

Olly Bartlett said...

Greg, mate.. you are not a ponce! Decanters rule. Zarate definitely opens up and shows more fruit with a bit of air. Or you can just carck it open and wait for it to change as you drink the bottle! Of course, I am biased...