26 February 2012

The Spanish Inquisition... Wine 4 : Bodegas Deep Cut

Las Orcas Decenio Reserva, Rioja, 1999 

Grape:     100% Tempranillo (old vine)

Where:     Rioja,  Spain

Booze:     13.5%

Food:      Beef or even on its own

Story:     Traditional

This wines feels like a comfortable old leather sofa that just wraps around you with a warm fire in front.  It really is a class act.

This is classic Rioja with a decent bit of age on it. What was I doing in 99 ?
Earthy and savory, touch of sweet spice, delicate structure.   100% Tempranillo grape, aged in French and American oak for 2 years.
Available from D Vine Wine at the steal price of £14.50.

P.S  on the morning after, on the way to the recycling bin this bottle dropped to the croncrete, bounced, and when I caught it, broke and sliced my hand. With some blood loss, 6 stiches and a wasted sunny Sunday, I can nickname this bottle Bodegas Deep Cut.


Gourmet Chick said...

Great series - I think Spanish wine is so often overlooked and your are discovering some great wines here (and introducing us to them)

olly said...

Don't catch it next time, mate!

Gregory said...

Glad you liked it GC. There will be a few more to follow. I need to get my head around some of those Spanish varietals being grown in Australia eg tempranillo

Gregory said...

Olly .... don't know my own strength. I picked it up and broke in 2 then took a bit of revenge on my thumb.