18 August 2010

NYC on a plate......... Odeon

When my better half was working in the Big Apple, I could not resist the lure of Manhattan... more specifically the lure of it's restuarants and deli's that could feed a small country in one meal.

On Friday night we went to Odeon in Tribeca, which would not have been my choice but we were guests, so I might as well go with the flow. Seated quickly, we were efficiently watered and breaded with the butter dressed in their branded paper. Nice touch, in fact with the exception of the prompt service the evening was quite European

While the wine choices were a superb Chablis and Bordeaux, I was a bit disappointed to miss out on the home grown wines. There would however be more opportunity for this later.

My Country Frisse salad was good. It was correctly dressed, with lardons, fourme d'ambert and an egg with the most golden yolk I have ever seen.. almost orange in fact. Was it the chicken's corn fed diet ... who knows but it did taste nice.

My veal chop must have been cut from a massive beast of a calf. Nonetheless it was OK, not as good as the last example at Bix but still OK.

Our kind hosts brought us to a European restaurant in NYC, which might have been a little short sighted, perhaps they just needed their Euro fix. Odeon was a fun atmosphere, a bustling atmosphere that reminded me of the Conran Restaurants in the 90s, but it was just more of an institution backed up with good service. I can see why so many locals have enjoyed it for so long.

I suppose it is not a bad way to start my New York marathon of food albeit a conservative reliable one.

Food 1.5
Wine 1
Service 1.5
Look and Feel (and music) 1.5
Value 1.5
All in 7 out of 10

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