15 July 2010

Bix has more soul than a cereal

While Wheet a Bix or Wheetbix is a cereal I have grown up with all my life, my introduction to Bix in San Francisco was a revelation.

First up, it is a Jazz cabaret restaurant and aside from working a George Benson caberet gig at the Brisbane Hilton in 1990 as waiter, I hadn't really experienced cabaret dining. I am sure I am not alone. Aside from the yet to be visited Ronnie Scott's, I cannot name another caberet style restaurant in London.

On arrival, most of the tables were full and the band were in full swing when we arrived and had an aperitif at the bar. Our threesome we fortunate enough to have the booth on the balcony overlooking the stage which would was one of the most seductive settings I can ever recall. Fantastic but what about the food..........

The house Chardonnay was brilliant ! Just beautifully Californian.... bold, sassy ... a bit like the music really.

We all had the same starter/slider assortment of Croque Madame, Burger, Steak Tartare and Prawn Terrinne wrapped in Parma Ham. No rocket science but qood qualiy and fun. Main course was well made retro fun. I enjoyed a veal chop served on potato rosti with green beans and my wife enjoyed her table side prepared Steak Tartare.

The Bella Old Vine Zinfandel was superb, but we knew this as we had been to the vineyard days earlier on a tip off in the Sonoma Valley. In fact it is a shame we didn't more time to explore the wine list further as I am absolutely certain there were more hidden gems amongst it.

To finish off we shared a plate of chocolate brownies and homemade vanila ice cream which seemed the perfect way for our last meal in San Francisco.

The service was unassuming but equally effective and informative.... faultless. The band was really good and made me think why are we deprived of this fabulous entertainment in London. OK it wasn't George Benson but a fabulous evening where everything was equal.

When in San Francisco I will be back in Bix... for all that Jazz !

Food 1.5
Wine 2
Service 2
Look and Feel (and music) 2
Value 1.5
All in 9 out of 10

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