21 April 2009

When a pub exceeds all your expectations........

Am I in a dream, so drunk it doesn't matter or I just could be in one of the few pubs on the planet that is the real deal. Fortunately I am in the latter, "the Hind's Head" or as many know, Heston B's pub which was at the end of my 40 mile cycle from London.

I simply cannot recall a pub meal that tasted this good. Our table of 3 devoured...

Potted Shrimps
Powdered Duck with Fig jam (really) - Winner of the 3 by a nose
Hind's Head Tea Smoked Salmon

Lemon sole n Crab
Chicken, ham and leek Pie (winner)
T'bone in triple cooked chips

+ extra chips (which are so good it defies belief)

British Cheeses which whilst interesting were not earth shattering.

I suppose my only criticism is that it is too perfect ! The interior is so spot on that you could be excused for thinking you turned up in a faux pub at Disneyland. Fortunately the food is the real deal.

While the Fat Duck menu looked very intriguing from this side of the street, I have to admit I could not have been more satisfied with the fare that lay infront of me. Perhaps I am a simple man at heart.

With a business this good it must be tempting for Heston to spread the love and do a "Gordon Ramsay Holdings", I just personally hope he keeps it unique (i.e. 1).

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Gourmet Chick said...

I REALLY want to go here and this review has only increased this view!

Browners said...

Great stuff. We had a great meal at the Hinds Head as well. I had the most brilliant asparagus with hollandaise followed by a perfect pork chop. It will stay with me for a very long time!

Boo said...

I went here last week, I agree it's everything you want in a pub, the perfect boozer. Those chips really blew me away.