14 October 2008

Perfect Day in London........

A fellow gourmet, Krista has laid down the challenge and asked to come up with the perfect day in London.


Well not quite. You see, London is such a diverse town I am sure we could all come up with numerous best day's according to season, events, friends etc. Anyway my perfect chilled out Saturday 'food and wine fest' would be....

10.00 Brindisa (Borough Market) for coffee if there is a table otherwise find salvation at another coffee provider.

10.30 Borough Market to buy some produce for light lunch although the primary reason is just to soak up the atmosphere.

11.00 Neal's Yard Dairy to indulge the senses and buy cheese for.... enjoyment! Other cheese stalls are great but not a patch on NYD in my opinion.

12.30 Get home, pick veg (spinach) from garden for lunch.

13.00 Cook lunch.. at this point thinking of grilled fish served with hollandaise, Sauteed spinach with onion.

15.00 Stroll (or if raining) or more likely catch the bus to Clapham.

16.00 Green and Blue wine bar Clapham for their Saturday afternoon wine tasting.

19.00 Meet friends for a laid back dinner at Anchor and Hope, Lamberts .... or if we are in a curry mood, Hot Stuff in Vauxhall. OK neither are gastronomic revelations but they are all great for decent chilled out food. If I want more formality I will go to Bentley's or Chez Bruce. If I am feeling stupidly flush, Maze.

22.30 Possibly sneak a night cap at Bentley's Oyster Bar or an anonymous bar with friends before jumping in a black cab home.

23.00 Bed ! which is probably the one constant among all of my favourite days in London.


Krista said...

Gregory, love the post. I really need to get to South London more! Will put your ideas on my to-do list...

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Hi Gregory

If you're in the vicinity of Lambert's, you really must try the Fat Delicatessen, just a few yards away - the food there is brilliant, promise!

Website here: http://www.fatdelicatessen.co.uk/index.php5